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Post by 22A » Fri Mar 05, 2021 4:39 pm

Watching a re-run of Michael Portillo's Railway Journeys", he stopped off in Cheltenham and stated "At one time Cheltenham had seven railway The one nearest the spa was name Montpellier.

Was there ever anything like a spa in the Montpellier district of Bristol?

For interest's sake I looked up an old map; but it only shows six Cheltenham stations;
Landsdown, Spa, Malvern Road, St James, High Street and Racecourse.

Just outside the town were Swindon and Churchdown. ... _Atlas.pdf

Robin Summerhill
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Re: Montpellier

Post by Robin Summerhill » Sat Mar 06, 2021 7:26 pm

Both Leckhampton (also sometimes known as Cheltenham South and Leckhampton) and Charlton Kings were both within or adjacent to the Victorian built up areas around Cheltenham.

I'm not sure that map is accurate showing a Cheltenham Spa station next to Lansdown. All three major stations in Cheltenham (Lansdown, Malvern Road and St James) all had "Cheltenham Spa" at the start of their names. To have had another station simply called "Cheltenham Spa" would have led to some considerable confusion.

This is also the first I've heard about a station at Swindon on the Midland main line. Can anybody shed any more light on it? Swindon was out in the country in those days so wouldn'tcount as a central Cheltenham station. There also were, and still are to some extent, some green fields between Cheltenham and Churchdown

So by my counting, the stations within the general boundaries of Cheltenham were (in order of proxmity to the centre of town):

1. St James
2. High Street
3. Malvern Road
4. Lansdown
5. Cheltenham South and Leckhampton
6. Charlton Kings
7. Racecourse

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