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Oil Trains to Bromford Bridge

Posted: Mon May 04, 2020 9:50 am
by buxton4472
One of the memorable sights from steam days around the Bristol area were the superb 9F's in charge of the twice-daily class '5' Avonmouth - Bromford Bridge oil trains and the returning empties (running as class '4'). My memory fails me, however, when trying to recall if these passed to diesel haulage some time in 1965 or was the flow terminated prior to the demise of steam? If they continued diesel-hauled does anyone know the approximate date they finished?
Up until 1961 there were also 3 trains daily from Fawley to Bromford Bridge which also came via Bristol, taking on a banker at Stapleton Road but these were re-routed in the early 60's, via Oxford and Bordesley Jcn. Although I never saw them at this location, they must have made a fine sight storming up the bank to Filton Jcn.