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The Archive and the Forum

Posted: Thu Sep 26, 2019 8:14 am
by the green mile
Due to unforeseen circumstances we now have a blank sheet. The Archive is a record of current and historical events surrounding the railways in our area and the Forum facilitates discussion around these. Current and recent events around the Bristol area would be:-

1) The electrification which has yet to be fully delivered.
2) The ongoing saga with the Portishead branch.
3) New rolling stock for main line services.
4) The cascade of rolling stock for secondary services.
5) The Bristol Area Resignalling Scheme.
6) The new depot at Stoke Gifford
7) Developments around Temple Meads and their impact on rail use.

There are probably a few others which are pet subjects for some of our contributors. Perhaps we should put headings like these up in the News section so that observations and press announcements can be recorded and opinions aired.