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Help Required for a Sad Sad Project

Posted: Wed Apr 15, 2020 6:53 pm
by buxton4472
Hi all, I am using this period of enforced incarceration to transcribe the complete contents of a signalbox train register for Charfield for the period November 1964 - January 1965 - sad or what! (This spans the date of closure of Charfield and other ex-Midland line stations in Jan 1965). As I aso want to make a performance analysis of passenger/parcel trains during the period I need to make comparison with the times as given in the appropriate working timetable. The problem is that although I have originals for 1963/4 and 1965/6, I do not possess a copy of the June 1964 - June 1965 Bristol area WTT (nor can I obtain a transcript from the excellent Michael Clemens on-line collection) so I was hoping that one of you may be able to provide said information should you be fortunate to own one. There is an added complication in that following the station closures on 2 Jan 1965 a supplement to the WTT was issued in which changes and additions to the WTT were listed, especially relating to 'non-stop' locals (described as 2B24 and 2H24) making several return journeys a day between Bristol TM and Gloucester, so access to these changes as well would be a bonus. Once I have completed the transcription of the register I shall be pleased to make them available on-line to anyone on this forum should they be interested. (The sheer diversity of parcels and freight traffic in the run-up to Christmas 1964 makes interesting and nostalgic reading!)